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Samsung Galaxy S4 i337 i545 L720 M919 SIM Slot + Memory Card Holder Flex

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Ways to Save More. Let us know in the comments. I have the Huawei p8 lite phone which has 16gb internal storage so I'm just wondering what gb of micro sd card will it need as was told to use a 16gb one but I can't transfer my apps over to it. Can anyone help? You I'll b able to move only the apps that the manufactur of the app itself let's. For example was up do not let's u mov the app. Super cell apps games maker let u move. If you co convert the SD card as internal memory you can not mov the SD card out the phone number will serve only in that specific phone then most apps you install later will b part of the "internal memory".

I have SandDisk Ultra microSDXC UH-1 card and my phone is Galaxy note 8 when i try to open a file stored in my SSD card its not opening and then I figure a temporary solution which is to create a shortcut of that file in my home menu which is working fine, but Please guys I need a permanent solution, any one has any idea?

I don't want to spend a lot of money on a SD Card. I am open to any suggestions that you guys have. Previously I had a bad experience of using microsd card with my galaxy note 3. Whenever i try to play a game or open the camera app, my phone started heating from the place where sdcard was mounted. Many times I checked the memory card and notice it was heating and also causing the phone hardware to heatup.


Since then I stopped using any external storage for my phones because 16 or 32 gb storage that come default with most android phones was enough for me. But now with the advancement of mobile phones the usage of android phones is rapidly replacing computer for most of daily tasks, the storage capacity can never be enough. So I am frequently getting out of storage with my honor 6x, I am deciding to get a 64gb memory card to make enough room for my storage hungry apps and media files.

I hope this time I will not experience the same heating problems that I faced last time. The Blu Diamond can see the card, but can only load 2Gb of data onto it. Any more and it hangs. If I load up the card on a PC and put it in the phone, it sees the first 2Gb of data and dumps the rest in corrupt files in "Lost and Found". I can rescue it using an SD formatter program on my PC.

Would a better, faster card solve the problem - or should I just dump the phones and stick with Android 4? Can someone tell me how to clear a micro SD card. I have a 64g SanDisk ultra xc 1 card and used it for months in my note 4 and something happened.

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If it try to move an app over to it through app to SD card app it says there is no room. There should be a lottttt of room. I am using an 8g one now and it transfers over just fine, everything works fine. If anyone can help I would so appreciate it. Id like to use my 64g if possible. Also i need to find a place to help me understand what to do once I have the card connected to my computer.

You are having issues with sd card probably due to your phone not being able to support it. Amber, Phones usually require you to dismount an SD card.

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If you take it out without dismounting it and try and read it in a computer you might damage it and lose your data. There is a utility in the phone to do this for you. Hoping someone can help me.

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I bought a San disk ultra 64gig micro sd xc. I don't know much about sd cards but just did some reading.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i i L M SIM Slot + Memory Card Holder Flex

It worked fine for months and then something happened. When i try to transfer an app to the sd card it acts like it's going to move but then says there is no room on the card. If i look at the storage in settings there is only 4. I am using a 8 gig that is working fine now but when i bought the 64 i was excited and didn't think i would need another one for quite a while.

Firstly, make sure your device supports microSD cards

I have a Samsung note 4 if that helps. Thank you very much for reading. I have a galaxy 5s 5 active active I want to know what kind of SD card do I need to get for it I have an 8 gigabyte in it now that's not big enough going to have to buy a new one just need to know. admin