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This link may be followed from a mobile browser. Thanks to Facebook's strategy to collaborate with the likes of RIM BlackBerry , Palm, and Microsoft to create its mobile applications, the software isn't identical on any two operating systems. What does carry over are Facebook's core features--the news feed, status, and photo updates, notifications, and friend requests. Also your personal wall, info, and photos, your friends list, and so on. It's noteworthy that the phone's form factor may affect how you navigate. On a tall, thin phone, flipping the screen horizontally will show the full width of the app, but not the depth.

The vertical view condenses the navigation icons up top but truncates the secondary navigation bar just below, so you'll need to scroll to the right to see the photo tab, for instance. Beyond the basics, Microsoft and Facebook have implemented some unique and useful functionality tailored to this platform. You're able to upload photos and videos to Facebook's news feed, either from your media library, or by spanning or recording them in real-time. There's also an icon of a phone on the navigation bar that displays the names and numbers of buddies who have populated their profiles with their digits.

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With this list, you can call, text, or send a message to their Facebook in-box. While the app could use some visual polish and is missing the ability to update your profile picture from the phone, Microsoft has risen to the occasion with the substance of this app, and the effort shows. Download the new Facebook application for Windows Mobile and send messages to any of the people in your Friends list; tTake pictures and videos on your phone, then upload them right to Facebook; send messages or call people in your Friends list; manage your profile and post anytime, anywhere; keep up with the latest news and posts with Facebook on your phone.

Now your status updates can be up-to-the moment accounts of what you're doing. Photos and videos are about as close to live-action as you can get. Show your friends what you're up to, while you're out and about. I can upload video. My wife, who uses the iPhone Facebook app frequently, can't upload videos to Facebook. The facebook app sucks, so I have to use the mobile. Was this review helpful?

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Visually wonderful and easy to navigate. Really Really Like the phonebook option - all of my friends mobile phone numbers presented in an address book style is really cool. Don't know the point of Facebook if you can't comment or like stuff. Also, I could just be missing it, but how do I "friend" people. I would rather use the mobile web interface than this app. You have to select refresh and even then it is slow and misses statuses, etc. There is no option for an auto update. I'm not sure why people endorse this amateur piece of crap. I go to Status Updates, and not even one of 4 are actually available after refresh I've compared to the web interface.

Someone posts about meeting up somewhere, and there are 20 comments arranging time and place, and you can't see any of them. Unless you go to the Friends menu, and go to the original poster's profile and then navigate to their Wall. There you only find the very LAST comment. I've had no problem uploading photos, which is a plus. But video was a complete no-go.

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Sure it connects, it pretends to upload the video, then Since there's no Video tab, you don't have any way to check if it actually uploaded. Which it didn't. Let's not even get into FB chat. Lack of that is simply criminal. The fact that Video Upload doesn't work at all for me, and is unreliable for those who claim they've gotten it to work at all, tells me that Microsoft doesn't even bother to test their own product at all. If they have Beta Testers, they must either not use the product as the rest of us would, or MS simply ignored their feedback.

This is a horrible app. The only reason it even earns one star is it has a nice interface and at least doesn't suck down battery life extensively by constantly using the data connection. Should really be labeled a beta. Lots of improvement necessary. The MySpace for Windows Mobile has the same basic interface but is much better. So, Microsoft has already proven they can do better than this offering. Except for the first run my Wall is persistently showing Fetching and never displays anything.

The list of email messages doesn't always immediately update. The photos tab is also slow to update. This is even with a full 5 bars of 3G signal. I do like that I can upload pics and vids directly through the interface instead of having to send as an email from my phone.

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  4. All in all it's ok, but there's lots that can be improved. I now understand why people move away from WiMo. If this is the best that MS can come up with for their iPhone competitor then my advice would be to give up now. Facebook itself updates more frequently and the app has not had a bug fix since May! I used the Facebook inbox tab successfully twice in my history of using it but now it crashes every time. I am reverting to m.

    At least I will have something that works. Great how you can comment and tag photos. Easy access to phone numbers of your friends, to call, text or message them through facebook. You can't "like" a comment, no way to check out your groups or events. The Wall page is also odd, you can see what other people have posted, the last comment of a post, new feeds, but any updates that person made don't show up!

    It is also difficult to follow a full thead of comments on any particular status. Whoever made the app Central Texas.

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    Join Date: Aug MS needs to speed up the development on this app because iPhone's and Android's facebook apps are way better then what we're getting haven't used blackberry's fb app yet. OP Senior Member.

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    Jul My Devices: Anytime imho I think that if MS decided to not release this version for Pocket PC it means that they're preparing something better compared to the Smartphone version, and hopefully we'll have some updates for MWC. Sep Working great on my HD2. Thank you A LOT! Google Nexus 4 , Nexus 9. Big thank you for sharing this update with us!!! Isn't it strange that they released an update for smartphones and no update for PPC???

    I think PPC's are more popular than smartphones Yeah, it's strange that they didn't posted that in the touchscreen marketplace, also because there's a huge version bump from 1. Feb Mar Swansea, Wales. Nov Thank you for this. Thank you mate, will give it a try. Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 50 1 2 3 11 Last.

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