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To put this in numbers, out of population of over 7. These are not like the typical servers that host websites.

Change DNS on Windows phone.

Instead, these servers contain the information for the registered domains. These servers play a very important role in making our website surfing experience a lot easier. The website is hosted on a server and the IP address to access the website is Regardless of how complicated or long this seems, everything happens in milliseconds, less than a blink of an eye. All DNS in the world use special protocol to communicate between them in order to have the database of domains and IP addresses constantly up to date.

Something like yellow pages. The advantage to this is setting up your computer to use faster DNS which will decrease the time it takes for the server to reroute your request to the required server. Their main idea is to make a better internet.

What is DNS and How to Change it in Windows - Mac - Android - iOS - Router

The various tests around the globe proved that they indeed have the fastest DNS in the world, beating Google. Since most internet connections automatically get the IP address from the ISP do not change anything in this section.

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The addresses that you need to enter in both field are 1. On all of them.

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The procedure is similar on all versions of Windows, including Windows XP. Will this make my internet faster? No, the speed of the internet is regulated by your ISP, this will only mean that the DNS that you are using will have a faster response speed. Open Control Panel. If you're using Windows 8.

Once in Control Panel , touch or click Network and Internet. Windows XP users only: Instead, find Network and Sharing Center , choose it, then skip to Step 4. In the Network and Internet window that's now open, click or touch Network and Sharing Center to open that applet. Now that the Network and Sharing Center window is open, click or touch Change adapter settings , located in the left margin.

From this new Network Connections screen, locate the network connection that you want to change the DNS servers for. You may have a number of connections listed here but you can usually ignore any Bluetooth connections, as well as any with a Not connected or Disabled status. If you're still having trouble finding the right connection, change this window's view to Details and use the connection that lists Internet access in the Connectivity column.

Open the network connection you want to change the DNS servers for by double-clicking or double-tapping on its icon. Tap or click Properties on the connection's Status window that's now open. In some versions of Windows, you'll be asked to provide the administrator's password if you're not logged in to an admin account. On the connection's Properties window that appeared, scroll down in the This connection uses the following items: Choose the Use the following DNS server addresses: If Windows already has custom DNS servers configured, this radio button may already be selected.

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If so, you'll just be replacing the existing DNS server IP addresses with new ones over the next few steps. The DNS server change takes place immediately.

Verify that the new DNS servers Windows is using are working properly by visiting several of your favorite websites in whatever browser you're using. As long as the web pages show up, and do so at least as quickly as before, the new DNS servers you entered are working properly. It definitely isn't as easy as following the directions shown above because you have to issue commands over the command line , but it is doable.

Open an elevated Command Prompt. Locate the network connection for which you want the DNS server changed. admin