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The navigation array from the Note line makes a return here with the bottom bezel playing host to a home button, menu button, and back button, features typically found on the actual screen of pretty much every post-Honeycomb Android 3. The removal of the array from the Tab 3 screen translates to apps and games getting just a little extra room to stretch their legs, resulting in a game like Real Racing 3 using the full screen as opposed to only some of it, as it does on most Android tablets.

I've always been a fan of physical home buttons, and unlike the iPad Mini's, the one featured here is raised just enough above the bezel to be easily found while not attracting many errant presses. The back button functions as you'd expect, and the menu buttons provide quick access to options like search, settings, and creating folder. Recent apps are accessed by holding down the home button for a second. The hit boxes for the menu and back buttons are calibrated accurately, so you likely won't press unless you actually intend to, something with which the The bottom edge includes a pair of dual speakers surrounding the Micro-USB charging port.

On the left edge is a microSD card slot, and on the top, a headphone jack. The top bezel has an ambient light sensor and 1. The smooth, plastic and "gold-brown" it also comes in white backside houses a 5-megapixel camera thankfully in the top-left corner, where all back cameras should be. Software features The Tab 3 ships with Android 4.

Though some take issue with the somewhat Fisher-Price-ian look of the interface, Samsung of late has added a number of useful features to balance out the over-use of pastels. The most useful feature is the easily accessible shortcut tray that lets you turn off features like Smart Stay, Multi Window, Screen Mirroring, Wi-Fi, Reading Mode, and GPS among others by simply swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the feature on or off.

Samsung's multiwindow feature allows for two select apps to run simultaneously onscreen with a fairly deep pool of compatible apps, including Twitter, Facebook, and Chrome. Each window can be easily resized to support virtually any ratio, but doing so with your finger is a little less precise compared with using a stylus to accomplish the same thing on the Note 8.


Smart Stay is the now overhyped feature that should put your tablet into Sleep mode if, using the front camera, it detects that your eyes aren't watching the screen. While the feature works on our Group Play lets you share files with other Samsung users on the same Wi-Fi network and alter the files in real time. This ranges from pics, docs, music, and select multiplayer games. We measured a maximum of The mono speaker is on the back of this model. Consequently, the sound is clearly falsified when the tablet is placed on an even surface.

The speaker struggles with distortions and a tinny sound. Although it is sufficient for short music "enjoyment," the option of connecting external speakers should be considered. The power consumption is mostly on par with that of the Tab 3 7.

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Although the present review sample consumes a bit more power when idling 0. This difference is mainly due to the brighter screen.

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The battery runtimes of both devices barely differ. The most significant difference that leads to the present device's better runtime is its darker screen. This is particularly noticed in the virtually identical results of both the idle and Wi-Fi scenarios. The screens are set to maximum brightness in full load - and thus the difference.

Samsung does not simply revamp the Galaxy 3 7. The good trait of the Tab 3 7. Just as striking is the material's lower quality. Samsung, as an advocate of plastic casings, is quite able to achieve a better feel. The performance of both devices barely differs, which is not surprising because the same SoC from Marvell with a clock rate of 1.

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  • We cannot give the Galaxy Tab 3 7. We devalue the tablet via the "Impression" rating due to its middling overall impression. Thus, buyers who want a 7-inch entry-level tablet from Samsung should opt for the Tab 3 7. We would also recommend being noncommittal because there are "plenty more fish in the sea": Well, this is difficult. Normally there is always one positive aspect, but it is not easy to find in this review sample.

    We know what "Lite" means, but we can't and don't want to understand why Samsung makes so many compromises just to launch a new model on the market. We are in fact surprised - but not in a positive sense. This tablet is likely the most questionable end device that Samsung has produced in the past few years. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8. Google Nexus 7 former model. Asus Memo Pad HD 7. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

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    We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers. Review Update Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7. Android Tablet. Software We noticed a progress in the Android software version.

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    The GPS reception is throughout stable and accurate. Garmin Edge total. Garmin Edge bridge. Garmin Edge woods. Indoor pictures are fairly usable. The camera unit cannot be used reasonably in poor light. The virtual keyboard leaves enough room on the screen It is a bit tighter when rotated by 90 degrees. X-Rite i1Pro 2. Color Management. Saturation Sweeps. Viewing angles. Games first started after Temperature We finally have some good news: Power Supply max.

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